Yardi Integration FAQs


What does the Yardi interface with ClickNotices mean for my business?

Today, when you want to file on a delinquent tenant, you must first review your ledger and then input the relevant information into ClickNotices to request a filing. With an electronic interface, you no longer have to input any data. In fact, you can simply log on to the ClickNotices platform where you will have the ability to bring up a list of delinquent tenants. Here you have the option to “edit”, “delete”, or “confirm” each filing. Or once you are comfortable with your policies, you may choose to activate automatic mode, and ClickNotices will execute the notices and filings according to your policies.

Is ClickNotices an authorized Yardi vendor?

We are part of Yardi’s Standard Interface Program which ensures we get Yardi’s full support and that all of our coding is compliant with their interface. There are close to 100 companies that are also interface partners, but for other applications, like marketing, utilities, tenant screening, collections, etc. (We are not reinventing the wheel here.)

Is it secure?

ClickNotices’ platform is hosted on a dedicated server protected with SSL encryption. Furthermore, ClickNotices only uses Yardi’s “Billing and Payments” and “Resident Data” interfaces, so our access is limited to information in the fields available in these sections. Moreover, sensitive tenant information (e.g. SSN) is not stored on the ClickNotices platform. And, of course, any tenant information we do pull is protected by ClickNotices and is only used to support our clients’ delinquency management efforts.

Does this interface mean we no longer need to worry whether a manager processed their delinquent filings?

Yes. More specifically, the ClickNotices delinquency filing system has two modes: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, delinquent tenants are identified and filed on with no intervention by the property manager. Of course, this is done according to specific criteria pre-defined by the head office (e.g. filing date, minimum balance, etc.) and programmed into the filing system. In manual mode, the property manager will be notified by email (every month on a specific pre-determined date) when it’s time to file and will be directed to the ClickNotices platform. Once on the platform, the PM will see a list of the delinquent tenants ready for filing, and from this list, the PM will be able to edit, delete or confirm each tenant filing.

What is the cost for using the Yardi interface?

There is no additional fee. You simply pay the same per-filing fee you currently pay.

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Do I need to make any software/hardware changes to my system?

Clients must simply be running Yardi Voyager 7S with Interfaces Plugin v2.3 and Billing & Payments PIv1.3 or higher.

What information does ClickNotices need from my property?

We simply need the URL and login credentials in order to access the property database. The six pieces of information required are listed below:

How do I add this capability to my property?

If you are an existing ClickNotices user, please contact your account representative and tell them that you would like to have your Yardi property management system interfaced with the ClickNotices filing platform. If you are not a ClickNotices client, please contact us at 443-878-1500.

Using this interface, can the filing fees be booked directly onto the resident ledger?

ClickNotices is currently expanding the functionality of the interface so that all legal expenses can be automatically posted back onto the tenants' ledgers, thus eliminating the need for data entry and simplifying the process of recovering legal expenses from tenants.

Is your interface a database "hack"?

Although it is not uncommon that third parties may customize Yardi implementations, such interfaces are not sanctioned by Yardi. ClickNotices has invested significant capital and time to be an official member of Yardi’s Standard Interface Program.

You can learn more here: http://www.yardi.com/services/interfaces/