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Senior Operator

The decisions you make are only as good as the data and insights you have available to make them. For decades, senior executives lacked the necessary transparency and information to effectively manage and control the risk associated with delinquent rent payments.

Senior operating executives use ClickNotices’ Automated Delinquency Management Platform to:

  • Reduce and control accounts receivables
  • Minimize bad debt
  • Create and assess accountability throughout their organization
  • Measure performance improvements
  • Establish solid benchmarking
  • Lower the costs of delinquency management
  • Minimize risk exposure
  • Demonstrate superior performance to owners, investors and boards
  • Enhance NOI performance and portfolio value

Regional Managers

The life of a multifamily regional manager can be quite hectic. With a myriad of issues to monitor and address, it’s virtually impossible to make sure that everything is done effectively. Unfortunately for many, delinquency management can often be overlooked until it becomes a problem and crisis.

Regional operating managers use ClickNotices’ Automated Delinquency Management Platform to:

  • Simplify their operation and create transparency above and below them
  • Reduce the risk of late rent blowups
  • Minimize bad debt
  • Increase the percentage of costs associated with late payments that are recovered
  • Benchmark performance
  • Delegate the process with confidence
  • Create alerts before there’s a crisis
  • Streamline operations and lowers costs
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Site Personnel

Site managers and personnel are constantly juggling tasks and responsibilities. The ClickNotices’ Automated Delinquency Management Platform gives them more control and frees up their time to focus on the responsibilities that are most important.

Site managers benefit from:

  • Automated processes to reduce administrative work and mistakes
  • Alerts that put them in a proactive position and prevent problems
  • Minimize the potential problems and crisis associated with delinquency management
  • Snapshot status of late rent issues
  • Coordinate the actions of service providers


The majority of factors that contribute to the profit and value of a portfolio of multifamily assets lay outside of the control of investors or operators. For example, core demand for apartments is structural and can’t be created. Rents are highly dependent on geography, property type and competition. 

This makes it essential that the operations supporting the properties are excellent if you’re looking to earn a premium return on your investments. This need has led to several strong innovations in multifamily, like revenue management and smarter use of technology to support marketing and property management. There is one place, however, where the vast majority of multifamily operations still use an old, manual system to manage - and that’s delinquency management.

Delinquency rates of 10 - 30% are not uncommon for B/C properties. Managing the process effectively is crucial to effective operations. Owners and investors use ClickNotices’ Automated Delinquency Management Platform to:

  • Improve overall financial performance
  • Reduce risk exposure
  • Lower costs associated with late payments
  • Enhance NOI performance and portfolio value

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