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Too Many Steps Leaves Many Chances to Drop the Ball

The steps to eviction are numerous and complicated as evidenced by the recent process chart released by the National Apartment Association.¬†With more than a dozen steps required and so many different rules by state, county, and metropolitan region, it’s important to have an expert who knows all requirements and can help meet eviction obligations legally and on time. Up until now, companies have had to rely on team members, legal counsel, or a combination of the two to try and tackle this complicated process. And if anyone drops the ball, the financial consequences can be significant.

Resident Interface’s eviction management suite of services is revolutionizing this process. The four complementary Resident Interface Services include Resident Advocate, Possession Partner, Resident PreCollect, and Hunter Warfield. The platform also establishes communication with residents, and the relationship between properties and eviction attorneys facilitates all correspondence with the court and works to provide revenue recovery for owners/operators.

The software and services expertly designed by Resident Interface ensure that all steps are transparent and offer real-time updates to clients. They also streamline the process and remove it from the purvey of on-site associates, leaving them with the needed time to build relationships with residents, avoid the animosity sometimes generated by evictions and focus on generating revenue for an organization. After a lease violation, the lengthy, tedious process of eviction can potentially be handled faster and cheaper by housing it with the right team and the right software. Let’s examine how Resident Interface streamlines each step and creates a clear, actionable plan for teams to review, not manage.

Step 1: Lease Violation

When a resident misses their rent payment, companies can immediately utilize Resident Interface’s platform to help the resident make their payment and stay in their home. Starting the process sooner than later with a clear, tracker communication can help resident retention and any vacancy loss recovery down the road.

Step 2: Eviction Mitigation

Resident Interface’s Resident Advocate offers outreach with a human touch where residents will have their delinquency explained, as well as the consequences that can result and options for bringing their account current.

Step 3: Notice

Resident Advocate also handles the timely and legal delivery of notifications of eviction to delinquent residents. State laws can vary greatly, sometimes down to the local level, so this step is a critical one.

Step 4: Court Filing

Another area where local laws and requirements can vary. In addition, the pandemic has introduced a possible level of federal rules into the mix. With this being one of the areas where errors can produce costly delays, the need to have the correct information in filings is of the utmost importance. Possession Partner makes sure that all of the due diligence is performed and all filings are compliant with the jurisdiction, all performed by top eviction attorneys.

Step 5: Pleadings

Renters may file a rebuttal to the claims made by the owners/operators. Possession Partner will be able to access all information regarding the counterclaim and provide the court with a legal response by the date required by the court.

Step 6: Court Hearing

The court may require a hearing to determine that a resolution is not workable and the eviction process can progress. By relying on Possession Partner, owners/operators can be assured that their interests will be fully represented and all the correct information is presented to the court. Appearing in court at the proper time and with error-fee documents is necessary to make sure a ruling against the community isn’t issued or there are no delays. Possession Partner’s legal teams ensure sure this step runs smoothly.

Step 7: Pay-and-Stay

Depending on the jurisdiction, a resident may have the option to settle their debt and retain possession of the unit. Owners/operators can work toward a resolution that benefits them by utilizing Resident Advocate services, which work with residents to find alternative payment options and methods.

Step 8: Appeal

Even after a ruling in favor of the owners/operators, the renter will have a period to appeal. The expert legal counsel with Possession Partner can provide all the necessary work to handle the appeals process proceeds smoothly. In the event of a ruling for the resident, the appeal is for the owners/operators with the same expert care.

Step 9: Writ Filing

Around 98% of renters willfully surrender a property during and immediately after the legal process. For those rare cases where an evicted resident refuses to vacate, Resident Interface will handle the writ process to begin eviction proceedings.

Step 10: Possession Recovery and Leasing

Although the NAA chart does not mention it, the process does not end when the unit is vacated and prepared for re-leasing. In almost all cases, the resident will vacate with delinquency still in place. This is where two Resident Interface services can step in to help with much-needed revenue recovery.

Resident PreCollect is available to contact renters for 60 days after vacating and before the delinquency reaches full collections. This is an opportunity for residents to settle their accounts without the consequences of credit reporting. If the resident does not address the issue within 60 days after surrender or eviction, Hunter Warfield can deploy 35 years of collections expertise to help recover the debt.

Loss of time can be another expense that companies need to deal with. Time spent on evictions means that onsite associates aren’t focused on growing a community. Resident Interface addresses nine of the 13 steps in the NAA flowchart and takes that off the plate of your team. With the eviction and recovery process being our sole focus, there’s no risk that something will be overlooked. All of the necessary documents will be handled properly and legally, as well as delivered when required. In addition, the accompanying software provides actionable data to help make smarter decisions on evictions.

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