What can help you save time, easily order and track letters, and get your residents to pay rent on time?


ClickNotices’ robust suite of services makes collecting rent payments easier. By integrating with your property management software, we gain access to all your resident information and payment history. We provide automated digital, courtesy, and legal notices, as well as court services, including court representation and court filings. You always have full authority to tell us when you want to send out notices and who to send them to. 

Digital notices: The first type of notice we provide is our Digital Notices. Customized text messages and emails are sent via our technology to encourage residents to pay their rent. These are reminders sent out prior to pursuing more costly options.  

Courtesy notices: Courtesy Notices are automatically generated non-legal letters. These are delivered to the resident through first class mail or a printable pdf for posting on the resident’s door. We recommend using courtesy notices with residents who have not been late on rent before to serve as a “first strike” type of warning. 

Legal Notices: If a resident has still not payed their rent after receiving the digital and/or courtesy notice, it is time to initiate the legal process. Our legal notices are automatically generated and delivered based upon your state’s jurisdictional requirements. We provide delivery via a pdf for posting on your resident’s door, first class mail, or certified mail. The goal of our legal notices is to reduce the burden of generating and distributing your legally required notices to residents and to maintain a compliance by implementing a consistent process. You can be rest assured that your legal requirements are being met consistently across the portfolio. 

Court Services: While our goal is to get your residents to pay before having to go to court, we do provide several court services to help see you through the end of the process. Our offerings include: 

  • Rent Suit Filings – we generate your filings and SCRAs, prepay your court fees, and submit filings to the court or to one of our partner attorneys. We then collect the case number and court date information and update in the platform. 
  • Court Preparation – we enter disposition information into our platform, including but not limited to, payment arrangements and stipulations. We can then begin tracking of the appeal and expiration periods. 
  • Warrants – we send filing list to you for review and approval. After approval, we generate filings, prepay court fees, and submit filings to the court or to our partner attorneys. We then collect court approval. 

Our Account Management Team works with you through this entire process and serves as a daily point-of-contact for any questions or concerns you may have. They will execute your entire delinquency management program with built in approvals and verification from your staff.  

Evicting residents for nonpayment of rent doesn’t have to be the norm. If you take advantage of our full suite of notices, we can guarantee you will see a decrease in delinquency at your properties.