Our Platform

How It Works


The goal of the ClickNotices platform is to provide our customers and users the simplest solution for managing their resident delinquency related activities. We have spent many years customizing our solution to uniquely match our customer’s needs. We have customized many sections of the software to match your local laws, court process, and requirements. We are always excited to show off how these features fit your process in a personalized platform demo.


No matter the delivery method, document name, or legal process, each of our solutions are still easily broken down into these 4 easy steps.

Pull It

We perform an active pull of all delinquent residents from your property management software according to your policies. This way you are always working with the latest list of residents who are still owe rent and their current balances.

Review It

We display your entire delinquency report within our platform for you to review. Here you can update any balances or notes. We also provide the last chance to remove anybody from this list, but require reasoning to ensure compliance with any fair housing laws. This step can also be automated for Notices solutions to expedite the process.

Order It

Now that you have a clean report of all of the residents still delinquent, it’s time to submit for processing. At the click of the button, property managers can now focus on all of their other job duties, while we take care of the rest. This step can also be automated for Notices solutions.

Deliver It

At this point, there is nothing left to do as we take care of the rest. Our platform and mail-house integration process everything you ordered and ensure timely delivery to your residents. You can monitor the status of everything directly in our platform.

It has never been easier to be in control of your delinquency process. We are excited to show you a custom demo of how this fits into your current rent collection efforts.