As always, Rent Manager put on an excellent event that offered several great opportunities to connect and network at RMUC 2019. The opening reception, daily poolside lunches, and elaborate “Party Like Gatsby” social event all made for perfect opportunities to have meaningful conversations with customers and vendors alike. 

Day 1 opened with a Rent Manager bootcamp for newer users and was followed by a 2-hour sneak peek of the exhibit hall. We met with Rent Manager customers from all parts of the United States and Canada. There was an opening reception, which took over the Red Rock Resort pool complex. During the reception there were icebreaker cards given out to guests to encourage conversations. These were a big hit! 

Day 2 started with the inspirational Keynote Address delivered by Rent Manager CEO, Dave Hegemann. While the extended sneak peek on Day 1 provided a good opportunity to talk with a lot of companies at once, Day 2 allowed for longer conversations focusing in on specific needs and a chance to schedule follow-up calls and demos. The crown jewel of Day 2 was the “Party Like Gatsby” event which consisted of a speakeasy vibe, full jazz ensemble, gambling tables, and plenty of food and drink. 

Day 3 started blurry-eyed and groggy from the previous night’s activities but quickly got into swing once sessions started. The final full day of sessions offered more opportunities to connect and ended with the first ever RMUC Speaker Showcase featuring basketball legend Bill Walton. The ClickNotices team attended several Breakout Sessions which provided a unique opportunity to not only learn more about Rent Manager products, but also how customers utilized them as well as issues faced with the current VPO option. 

Overall, Rent Manager exceeded my expectations. Their client base is a tight knit group and the RM staff went out of their way to be exceptionally accommodating.