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Resident Interface Introduces Possession Partner in 4 States

Possession Partner 4 State Rollout

Eviction Management System Rolled Out in Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Texas

 Resident Interface, the only comprehensive revenue recovery management solution designed for larger portfolio rental housing companies, today announced the launch of its Possession Partner service in  Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Texas. These states are among the top states nationwide in eviction filings according to

Possession Partner is a full-service eviction case management system, featuring pioneering software and experienced attorneys to deliver streamlined case processing and significant time savings. Possession Partner ensures eviction compliance through an organized, consistent and transparent process, and lifts the eviction management burden from property teams. 

“No one at multifamily communities wants to engage in eviction practices, so Possession Partner really is the solution the industry has been waiting for,” said Resident Interface CEO Stephen Sobota. “Evictions have also become increasingly complicated in recent years, but Possession Partner takes the hassle and guesswork out of the process so teams can focus on leasing and customer service. We’re excited to announce the availability of this innovative service to apartment operators. We’ve chosen these four initial states in order to optimize the process prior to adding additional states to the platform.”

Stephen Sobota, Resident Interface CEO 
Possession Partner Map
Possession Partner Map

As one of four complementary Resident Interface services – which include Resident Advocate, Resident PreCollect and Hunter Warfield – Possession Partner coordinates all eviction-related paperwork, communication and filings on behalf of properties. The service also establishes the relationship between properties and eviction attorneys, and facilitates all correspondence with the court.

A dedicated Resident Interface team keeps the process on track and properties updated throughout every stage of an eviction. With Possession Partner, management companies have complete visibility into the process, including current case status and any pending actions, through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Through a consistent, efficient workflow, and backed by decades of evictions expertise, Possession Partner delivers the most expedited process possible.

“One of the most effective tools in revenue recovery is timely eviction management,” Sobota said. “There are so many potential pitfalls in the evictions process that can cause delays or even restart the clock, and those setbacks directly correlate to lost revenue. Possession Partner ensures that the eviction process is initiated as early as possible and the filing is navigated successfully, so the nonpayment window and bad debt are minimized.”

Stephen Sobota, Resident Interface CEO 

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