ClickNotices is excited to announce today’s release of two new platform features available to all customers. We have added direct tenant mailings and rent increase letters into the system to help further streamline communication with your tenants.

The first new feature is Tenant Mailings. This feature allows you to send both standard letters and certified mailing directly to tenants. Just upload a PDF into the tenant’s record and ClickNotices will process, print, and send on your behalf. Great for single certified mailings or a bulk send to a whole list of tenants. Save time and avoid papercuts by automating mailings to tenants.

The second new feature is Rent Increase Letters. This feature allows you to enter a few key fields regarding the rent increase, and ClickNotices will generate a rent increase letter – customized to the requirements of the property’s state and jurisdiction – then ClickNotices will process, print, and mail to the tenant via Certified and regular First-Class mail.  Additionally, this feature is available through our robust integrations packages, allowing us to completely automate this process with applicable property management systems.  Options for standard templates and custom templates are available based on quantities.