How It Works


Step 1

View your properties and rent roll through our easy-to-use web platform.


Step 2

Select tenant(s) and filing service (failure to pay rent, unlawful detainer, evictions, late rent demand notice, etc.)



Step 3

Click and it’s done!

ClickNotices handles all of your court forms, filings, tenant notifications, and court fees. Under most circumstances, we also take care of obtaining your court judgments. We notify you of court rulings and (if requested) obtain warrants, pursue evictions, ensure proper process service, and coordinate with sheriffs.

No paperwork. No checks or petty cash. No trips to court or the post office. No pain.

Get instant case status updates and dedicated phone support. Submit and track filings 24/7.

Whether you have one tenant or thousands, ClickNotices has the capability to serve you. We are one of the largest electronic rent court filing companies in the United States, successfully handling thousands of filings every month.

Our philosophy is simple: Use the best technology and provide great customer service to deliver the best results to our clients. This approach has earned us a client base that includes thousands of landlords, property managers, and residential managers.

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