ClickNotices was recently featured in an article by City Lab, a media company run by Bloomberg. The article, titled “Landlords Are Using Next-Generation Eviction Tech,” written by Kriston Capps, takes a deep dive into the importance of eviction technology in property management today.  

The article begins by discussing the new laws that guarantee legal representation to tenants facing eviction. Specifically, New York passed a suite of bills last year that highly favor tenant rights. 

In response to these new laws, property managers are shifting their priorities from evicting tenants to getting rent money as efficiently as possible. Property managers with a large number of units are turning to technology to help, which is why ClickNotices has repositioned itself as a tenant-engagement platform. 

Lawmakers are increasingly favoring tenant rights so up front communication is the goal at ClickNotices.  Through using our platform, property managers can prepare and deliver notices for late rent, as well as generate hundreds of late notices at once. Our platform helps facilitate communication between landlords and tenants, which means more opportunities to settle a dispute before pursuing legal action. 

For landlords, delinquency management software can be a savior. When the old way of sending notifications doesn’t work, delinquency management software can help landlords go through the steps with the click of a button.  

Click here to read the City Lab article for more information on tenant protection laws and how we can help property managers.