Welcome to the first edition of our monthly roundup of Best Property Management Articles from around the web. Starting this month, we’ll be publishing a roundup of our favorite blog posts to keep you up to date with the latest happenings and strategies from the exciting world of property management. 

This roundup features Property Management articles published on sites such as 30 Lines, Multifamily Executive, Yardi, etc. and from writers, including Patricia Laycock, Joe Bousquin, Kerry W. Kirby, and more.  


1. Making Sense of Lead Attribution (30 Lines)


A detailed guide on lead attribution from the first touch to the last touch by Patricia Laycock. This article talks about CRMs, data integrity, marketing campaigns, and more. (Read the article)


2. Keeping Up with Smart Home Tech in Apartments Today (Multifamily Executive)


This article by Joe Bousquin is all that you’ll need to be able to keep up with and execute the latest home tech trends while managing apartments.  (Read the article)


3. A Sense of Community: Improving Renter Morale (Yardi)


short, concise guide by Yardi on how property managers can create a sense of belonging for renters in their communities. (Read the article)


4. The Rise of the Micro-Influencer: How to Use this Marketing Trend to Your Advantage (Multifamily Biz)


An excellent article on how you can use social media influencers to promote your business, written by Kerry W. Kirby, founder, and CEO of 365 Connect. (Read the article)


5. The Power of Storytelling in Multifamily Marketing (RealPage)


This article by Tim Blackwell from RealPage resonated with me because I create a lot of the content for ClickNotices, and I am always looking for ways to improve our marketing. A must-read article if you are in the multifamily industry or need ideas for creating stronger brand messages. (Read the article)


6. 7 Ways to Become a Better Landlord (BiggerPockets)

An article on how to become a better landlord – straight from the mouth of a landlord. Brandon Turner provides seven great tips that will lead to less turnover, less hassle, and more money. (Read the article)


That’s it! These were the articles in November that caught our attention. You can check out our very own articles from the archives by clicking here.