The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a significant effect on industries across the globe. One such sector is Property Management. With Public Health officials putting heavy importance on social distancing, Property Managers must now adjust how they conduct their day-to-day duties in order to align with guidance from Federal, State, and Local governments. 

For the time being, Property Managers need to be flexible and get creative with ways to do their usual duties. Below are a few different tips to help Property Managers do their job during this challenging time. 

1. Implement Communication Measures that Follow Social Distancing Guidelines 

Communication is of utmost importance in a Property Management-Resident relationship, especially when you manage residents from afar. Thankfully, in 2020, communicating remotely has never been simpler. Today’s technology provides ample ways for us to talk to people when we can’t meet with them face to face. These options include texting, phone calls, emails, Skype calls, and many more. Make sure you are communicating regularly and attentively with your residents.  The more you interact with your residents, the better the results you will see. Frequent communication reminds residents that you’re still around and gives you a chance to talk to them about different issues, creating long term relationships and fostering a sense of community. 

Email and text are great methods of communication, but they can only send a message out – now allow you to capture immediate feedback from residents.  It is much easier to understand context and tone when you can hear the voice of the person on the other line versus through an email or text message.  

Frequent contact will help you build a positive relationship with your residents! 

2. Move Rent Payments Online 

If you haven’t already, consider implementing an online rent payment portal.  By doing so, you won’t have to physically receive a check from residents or spend a single moment at the bank – activities that may be difficult or impossible to do at the moment. Residents can pay their rent by simply logging online and entering their payment information. This system is ideal for the current situation since it requires no face-to-face contact. 

3. Move Events and Gatherings to a Virtual Space 

In order to follow social distancing guidelines, it is not recommended to host in-person social events, such as meet and greets or other building activities.  However, through the use of tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams these gatherings can be hosted virtually – allowing residents to connect and mingle allowing for social interaction without physical proximity.  Many organizations are hosting information sessions, team trainings, and even happy hours via these tools.  Many people still crave social interaction and by providing such hosted spaces, you give your residents an outlet with greatly reduced risk. 

4. Stay Consistent  

Landlords, particularly those with several locations and lots of residents, should strive to be as consistent as possible when dealing with residents and attempting to resolve issues. Try your best to distribute your time and energy across properties equally and respond to all residents in a timely manner. It is important to treat all residents equally. 

5. Information That Landlords Can Send Residents About the Coronavirus 

During this time, you will likely receive many questions and concerns from your residents. It is important to let your residents know that you are taking the situation seriously. If you haven’t already, you should create a flyer to post around your property and send out a mass email that does the following: 

  • Inform residents that management is aware of the virus and taking precautionary measures (and make sure to explain what those measures are). 
  • Provide data and resources about how tenants and their families should prepare for the virus (for example, CDC data). 
  • Let residents know that management is monitoring the situation and keeping them aware of any developments affecting the building. 

If you would like help writing and distributing a letter, ClickNotices is currently offering the ability to send a customized letter to all residents, with COVID-19 information and information regarding Federal, State, or customer-specific delinquency policies.  For more information, contact us here. 

Helpful links to CDC COVID-19 information: