Letters can be used for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is to notify residents of late rent payments. When a manager is sending a letter to a residentit usually cites what the lease already states. Each letter should state why it is being orchestrated. For instance, is the resident in violation of their lease? The goal of the letter is to open the eyes of the residents to all the regulations they have in their lease and to help keep them on course. 

Letters are also a good way for managers to introduce themselves to their residents. A letter should not just be a regurgitation of the law – it should have that extra piece of information stating what they need to do to resolve the issue at hand. All letters should end with what the expectations of the resident are and the actions that need to be taken. 

What do property managers need to consider when writing your communications? 

The key to a good letter can best be remembered through the acronym P.A.S.T.A. (Purpose, Audience, Style, Tone, and Action). 

A late rent notice generally contains the date rent was due, the amount of time late the rent payment is, and any late charges that the resident has incurred due to their failure to make a timely payment.  You want to make sure you are keeping your audience (the resident) in mind and cater the style and tone to them. Lastly, you should always address the actions that need to be taken to resolve the issue. 

The most important takeaway is that you want your resident to be influenced by your way of thinking. By following this formula, you can ensure a lesser chance of any communication issues in your letter.  We’ve got the P.A.S.T.A. formula down at ClickNotices. We know what the purpose of the letters are for, the audience they are being catered to, the style and tone to use, and the action that needs to be taken. We will have all that information prepared and covered in the preparation of your letter, so it is ready to put into action. 

What are the benefits? 

Using letters to communicate with residents is a quick way of getting a message out. At ClickNotices we give the manager the ability to stay on top of resident issues at the touch of a button. Your letters will be printed, sent, and directed at the time it needs to be via our software. Late rent notices are very important and need to be initiated immediately. Let our software addresses these issues, while ensuring the consistency you need. 

We offer a customizable solution that gives you the option to have us print and send out your letters or have us print them and you send them directly.  

Let us start writing yours today! 

We know how hectic your day can be and that you don’t always have time to deliver notices immediately. By using our notification letters, we handle everything from generation to delivery to ensure that you never miss a beat.