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The traditional way of managing delinquencies is broken.  Its slow, costly, and often ineffective.  It’s easy to overlook delinquency management and feel that there isn’t much you can do about it.  But every dollar of cost reduction is a dollar that goes directly to the bottom line.

ClickNotices offers a range of services, depending on your location and needs.  Our innovative technology platform, efficient process, and client-focused professional services team combine to deliver the best delinquency management program in the Landlord-Tenant industry.

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We Help You Improve Your Delinquency Management Process

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The Industry’s Only Comprehensive Delinquency Management Platform

  • SMS text and phone reminder messages

  • Courtesy and Notice to Quit letters

  • All forms of process service

  • Prepare, file and administer all court documents

  • Prepay all court, sheriff, constable, and private service fees

  • Tracking and management of cases through the court and eviction scheduling process

  • Pull rent rolls and balances directly from property management system – no data reentry

  • Post legal fees back onto tenant ledger – no manual entry

  • See our Integrations for a list of supported systems

  • Single solution, workflow, and reporting for entire portfolio

  • Consolidated billing – regardless of property, jurisdiction, or attorney

  • Easy to follow workflows to track delinquencies, filing trends and costs

  • Customized email reporting and notifications

  • Staff augmentation to full outsourcing of your delinquency management process

  • Accountable for the success and execution of process and policies

  • Single point of contact for all client support

  • Liaison between site managers, partner attorneys, and property management team

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