Here’s a scenario you are probably all too familiar with: you have a resident who is late on their rent payment and you need to send them a notice. At this point, you want to give them a reminder that there rent is past due and don’t want to pursue any legal action. How can you best get your message across in a direct but less official way?  

Courtesy notices provide the solution to this situation.  


What is their goal?  

To provide advancednon-legal notice that rent is due to encourage payment prior to pursuing legal options. By communicating in a more friendly and less formal way, this gives the resident an opportunity to bring their overdue rent to a current status.  

If the resident is new and you want to develop a good landlord/resident relationship, this type of notice is a great option. If your resident has never paid late before and you want to make this a “first strike” alert situation, you can use this notice. They will be thankful for the reminder and pay promptly if they are good residents. This also provides a point of reference the next time you see them to help guide the conversation. 

How are they executed?  

Customized notices are generated, printed, and mailed via first-class mail or provided as a printable pdf for posting to let residents know they are late on their rent and how much they owe. We pull your delinquency information from your property management software to free up your team for other tasks. These can be automated based off your corporate polices or curated by the manager within our platform. 

What are their benefits?  

No one wants to deal with legal repercussions and going to court. Consistently reminding residents that rent is due and informing them that legal action may need to be taken will lead to earlier payment.   

By communicating through a courtesy notice you can foster a positive relationship with your resident and begin an open line of communication.