By Rachel Brand

Here at ClickNotices we always enjoy coming to our Integration Partner Events and had not yet attended an MRI event, so why would we not look to attend one located close to Disneyland?

MRI Ascend took place in beautiful Anaheim, CA. We were able to meet with National and International Housing Authorities, as well as other Property Management Companies that we had not yet had the chance of connecting with.

After meeting with friendly attendees at our booth we were off to MRI’s “House Party”, which took place at the House of Blues. This is where we mingled with MRI team members and Property Management Professionals. The venue was beautiful, and the musicians were incredibly talented. It just so happened to be my birthday, so it was nice way to ring in another year!

After another successful day at the convention we were invited back to the Convention Center to network with attendees. This is where we were able to learn a bit more about our partnership with MRI and what exciting things there are to come (which there seems to be a lot!).

The event was beautifully done. One partner to MRI that really stood out to us was Splashes of Hope, a charity that gives paintings to local hospitals across the county. Each day we were able to watch as they painted for two local hospitals in California. We were able to even put a few brush strokes to the canvas. We are always looking to give back to our community and really found the work to be amazing.

Overall, we had a wonderful time at our first MRI event and gained a great amount of knowledge from their team, as well as connections that we might not have ever had the chance to make if we were not to have attended.

We look forward to attending the next event in San Diego and continuing our partnership with MRI!