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RMUC 2019 Recap as told by John Luoma


As always, Rent Manager put on an excellent event that offered several great opportunities to connect and network at RMUC 2019. The opening reception, daily poolside lunches, and elaborate “Party Like Gatsby” social event all made for perfect opportunities to have meaningful conversations with customers and vendors alike.  Day 1 opened with a Rent Manager [...]

RMUC 2019 Recap as told by John Luoma2019-10-18T08:53:50-04:00

California’s New Rent Control Law


On Tuesday, October 8, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1482, making California the third state in the nation to pass rent control legislation.  The new laws, collectively known as the “Tenant Protection Act of 2019” limits rent increases to 5% per year, plus inflation, until January 1, 2030 and prevents landlords from evicting tenants [...]

California’s New Rent Control Law2019-10-16T09:32:38-04:00

The Top 4 Challenges of Renting Multifamily Units to College Students


Renting properties in college towns can come with a ton of advantages. New students every semester provide a large pool of prospective residents and the high demand for properties in this location allows rent prices to stay stable. However, there are a few major challenges that can also present themselves.   College students might miss out on payments  [...]

The Top 4 Challenges of Renting Multifamily Units to College Students2019-10-07T15:33:13-04:00

New Partnership Announcement


We are thrilled to announce a new working partnership with Geoff Ogden. The aim of this partnership is to help strengthen our mission to help our customers reduce bad debt and streamline the delinquency management process. Geoff is active in the property management community and currently trains property management professionals in all areas of the [...]

New Partnership Announcement2019-10-01T10:34:46-04:00

Angel Del Viscio Joins ClickNotices as VP of Customer Success


ClickNotices is excited to announce that Angel Del Viscio has been named Vice President of Customer Success! Joining the company from Bristol Credit, Angel will be tasked with ensuring the highest quality service for all potential and current clients. As an industry leader in the delinquency management space, providing the most accurate and timely service [...]

Angel Del Viscio Joins ClickNotices as VP of Customer Success2019-05-01T11:53:39-04:00

The Key to Effective Communication With Your Rental Tenants


If you need to get in touch with your tenant about a minor matter regarding your rental property, what do you do? Again, the problem isn’t urgent but you would like to get it handled within a decent amount of time. Do you write a letter? Call and leave a voicemail? Send and email or [...]

The Key to Effective Communication With Your Rental Tenants2019-02-14T12:50:25-04:00

Furloughed Employees Face Evictions After Government Shutdown


As the government gets back to work after the longest shutdown in history, there are still lasting effects for a large population within the United States. One of these subsets of U.S. residents are furloughed employees who are now facing housing difficulties due to not receiving their anticipated paychecks over the 35 days of the [...]

Furloughed Employees Face Evictions After Government Shutdown2019-01-31T17:15:42-04:00

HUD Contracts Expire as Government Shutdown Hits Record Length


As the record-long government shutdown continues, more and more Americans are beginning to suffer its effects, particularly those in low income or subsidized housing. At this time, over 1,100 federal assistance contracts with property owners have expired with the possibility of an additional 1,000+ expiring by the end of February.  The current lack of funding at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has caused a [...]

HUD Contracts Expire as Government Shutdown Hits Record Length2019-01-22T11:05:51-04:00

Baltimore City Rental License Law Now in Effect


On August 1, 2018, a new law took effect requiring all Baltimore City rental properties, including one- and two-family and multi-family dwellings, to be licensed to operate as a rental by January 1, 2019. The new law is Baltimore City Code, Article 13, Subtitle 4-2. To learn more about this law, check to make sure [...]

Baltimore City Rental License Law Now in Effect2019-01-22T10:59:35-04:00

Nationwide Services Launch


What ClickNotices’ Product Team has been up to these last 3 months At ClickNotices, we believe that we are property managers deserve the best, most efficient tools; looking at what is available for delinquency management we found the options lacking.  To create larger financial and operational impacts for our clients, we obsessed about their pain [...]

Nationwide Services Launch2018-07-03T09:25:02-04:00