The days of property managers writing out and sending late notices to their residents should be over! 

Late rent payments are an unavoidable part of the rental business and one of the most difficult to manage. Delayed payments can affect your income, lower property value, and waste your valuable time as you work to chase down rent.  With help from a delinquency management software, you can supplement your personal efforts to collect and improve your efficiency.   

Here are 6 ways your company could benefit from integrating with a delinquency management software. 

1. Increased productivity 

Most people have a desire to increase productivity in both their personal lives and at work. If something can help make our lives easier, and complete tasks more quickly and efficiently, we want that in our lives. When it comes to the daily work of a property manager, implementing a delinquency management software offers a ton of benefits for both you and your staff. There will be less time wasted on having members of your team spend days each month creating and mailing notices. They’ll be able to focus on more important tasks. 

2. Reduced costs 

Cost efficiency is arguably one of the most sought out benefits customers seek from a product. The costs of postage, employee’s time, attorney fees, etc. can add up quickly. ClickNotices’ software provides a single system to order, track, and monitor all activities in one place. 

3. Maintain relationships 

As we all know, it’s hard to be the person giving bad news to a resident. It’s even harder when you are asking them to pay their past due rent. When you work with a third party to handle your notices, they handle the nitty-gritty part of job and can serve the role as the “bad guy.” This dynamic helps you maintain your relationship with your residents while still pursuing them to pay their current rent.  

4. Track your notices in real-time 

ClickNotices’ software gives you access to track your notices from beginning to end, ensuring peace of mind that everything is delivered on time. We provide you with access to information, including when notices are printed, shipped, processed, and much more. 

5. Consistency 

A direct software integration gives you a consistent way to send out all of your first-class rent notices. Our customers love the consistency that we provide and the security in knowing that notices will go out on time on a set date.   

6. Reduce late payments 

Receiving notifications and alerts when rent is due keeps your resident updated and responsible for on-time rent payments. ClickNotices offers a range of payment reminders and delivery options, depending on your location and needs. We offer email and text message notifications for fast delivery, as well as courtesy letters and legally required letters.   

To sum it all up, a cloud-based software system such as ClickNotices comes with a lot of automation around resident communication. Automating your rent notices helps you to save time and narrow your attention on growing your property management business.  

If you’re trying to streamline your delinquency process, ClickNotices is a game-changing software that you can use anywhere, anytime. Book a demo today and see for yourself the benefits of delinquency management software.