Author: Katie Emig

Winter has begun, and that means property managers have a whole lineup of maintenance upkeep coming their way. Winter weather will cause severe problems at your rental property if you do not take preventative steps beforehand. Preventive maintenance can help to keep everything at your property running smoothly. Here are 10 ways in which property [...]
The future is digital.   If you’re wondering what “Proptech” means, you’re not alone. A few years ago, Proptech was rarely talked about. However, due to digitization efforts in various industries, the real estate market is embracing the use of technology in their day-to-day life.    Proptech, short for Property Technology, is a term that encompasses the [...]
Our sales team gets asked a lot of questions about precisely what we do and what the benefits of our services are. To help you better understand what we offer, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the most commonly asked questions. CLICKNOTICES FAQ DO YOU OFFER SERVICES IN MY STATE?  ClickNotices grows every day, and we offer services in every [...]
What can help you save time, easily order and track letters, and get your residents to pay rent on time?   ClickNotices’ robust suite of services makes collecting rent payments easier. By integrating with your property management software, we gain access to all your resident information and payment history. We provide automated digital, courtesy, and [...]
In our previous blog post, we talked about Courtesy Notices and how they can be used. At this point, what is there left to do prior to starting court proceedings?  The final notice step you can give before beginning the eviction process is a Legal Notice. This specialty notice is a legally required step in many states in jurisdictions [...]
The 2019 NMHC OPTECH Conference is just a few days away! The conference is being held November 11-13 in Dallas, Texas. It will consist of 3 days full of networking and educational activities such as exclusive peer-to-peer roundtables, property and revenue management workshops and cutting- edge content and speakers.  Keynote Speakers:  This year’s Keynote Speakers [...]