It’s time for the roundup of our favorite Property Management related blogs of last month.  

This roundup features Property Management articles published on sites such as Rental Housing Journal and Forbes, and from writers, including Mildred Delgado, Ari Rastegar, and more.  

1. 4 Difficult Hurdles in the Life of a Landlord (Rental Housing Journal)

This article is by Mildred Delgado, a marketing strategist at AcademicBrits and a landlord. She goes into detail about some of the difficulties that landlords face, such as gaps in tenancies and handling tenants who stop paying rent. We like this article because it was written by a landlord who has gone through these issues first-hand. 

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2. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Tenant Relations (Property Me

How can you create an open line of communication with your residents and maintain a positive relationship? This article from Property Me outlines 5 simple ways you can achieve this.   

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3. 2020 New Year’s Resolutions for Landlords and PMs (Rentec Direct

We can’t have a December roundup without including a New Year’s Resolution post. Now is the perfect time to set new goals as a Landlord/Property Manager and implement new practices. This article from Rentec Direct discusses how to set goals you want to achieve and create manageable benchmarks to keep you on course. 

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4. Investing in Income Properties and How to Identify A Viable Market (Forbes

An excellent article for anyone interested in investing in rental properties. This article helps explain what income-generating properties are and the primary types of value they offer – written by Ari Rastegar, CEO of Rastegar Property

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5. A Landlord’s Guide to Dealing with Water Damage (Green Residential

Water damage is one of the woes that can come along with owning rental properties. This article provides a practical and straightforward guide to fixing water damage and how to prevent future water damage – a must-read for any landlord. 

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Well, there you have it! These were some of the articles in December that caught our attention. Stay tuned for next month when we showcase our picks for January.